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1st June
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17th August
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1st September
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1st October
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Conference host:
Department of Industrial Economics and
Technology Management
Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (NTNU)
Alfred Getz vei 3
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway

Call for Papers

The energy markets are developing rapidly, with new marketplaces emerging globally for oil, gas, coal, eletricity, emission, and related energy markets. The conference will focus on recent trends in modeling and management of risk in energy markets with speakers from both industry and academia. We welcome presentations in the following areas:

  • Financial and economic analysis of oil, gasoil, natural gas, coal, carbon, electricity and related energy markets
  • Derivative pricing and hedging of energy derivatives
  • Interface to operations and supply chains in the energy sector
  • Real option analysis in the energy sector
  • Econometric analysis of energy markets
  • Corporate Finance analysis for energy companies
  • Decision modelling / operational research methods applied to the energy sector
  • Investment and financing of renewable energy projects

The two-day conference will feature invited speakers and contributed talks. We invite all interested researchers to send in papers for consideration to be presented at the conference. Please submit extended abstracts or papers in pdf or word format to this email address: ef2012@iot.ntnu.no by June 1, 2012.

Conference website: http://www.iot.ntnu.no/ef2012

Key-note speakers cover people from the energy industry and academic organizations globally:

Energy Industry Keynote Speakers

  • Knut Evensen, Vice President Investor Relations, Det Norske
  • Christian Tørriseng, Chief Risk Officer, TrønderEnergi
  • Dipeng Chen, Senior Analyst - Valuation Group, Centrica

Academic Keynote Speakers

  • Derek Bunn, Professor of Decision Sciences, Management Science and Operations, London Business School
  • Rafal Weron, Professor of Economics, Department of Organization and Management, Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Stefan Trueck, Professor of Finance, Co-Director Centre for Financial Risk - Department of Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies, Macquarie University, Sydney
  • Bruce Bullock, Director Maguire Energy Institute, SMU Cox School of Business, Dallas
  • Carl Ullrich, Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Finance, Pamplin College of Business Virginia Tech, Blacksburg

Special Session on "Energy in Gulf Commonwealth Countries"

We are happy to announce that a special issue of the Journal of Energy Markets will be published with papers from the conference. All speakers at the conference are invited to submit their papers to this special issue. Submitted papers will undergo a usual referee process.
There will be two “best paper awards” (1500 Euro each) sponsored by RWE, Eidsiva Energi and Tafjord Kraft for papers which contain results with a high potential for industrial applications. Authors who want to qualify for such an award should submit the complete version of the paper by 1th September, 2012.

R-square RiskLab PhD Award

There will be a “DK Gupta Memorial best PhD paper awards” (500 Euro & Silver Memento) sponsored by R-square RiskLab. Authors who want to qualify for such an award should submit the complete version of the paper by 1st September, 2012.
The conference will take place at Rica Nidelven Hotel. Registration and hotel bookings will be done trough our travel agency Via Travel.
The purpose of this event is to stimulate an ongoing international dialogue among academics, practitioners, and policymakers with mutual interests in energy markets, energy companies and energy project investments. The workshop is organised with financial support from the ongoing research project ELCARBONRISK and our university research center CenSES at the Faculty of Humanities, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU.

The organisation comitte consist of the following people:

Conference chairman: Sjur Westgaard (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Vice chairman: Stein-Erik Fleten (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Scientific Committee:
Per Bjarte Solibakke (Molde University College), Gudbrand Lien (Lillehammer University College), Rafal Weron (Wroclaw University of Technology), Derek Bunn (London Business School), Fred Espen Benth (University of Oslo), Ruediger Kiesel (University Duisburg Essen), Ronald Huisman (Erasmus University), Alvaro Cartea (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid)

Secretary of the Steering Committee:
Peter Molar (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)