Sjur Westgaard






Personal Information:


Name: Sjur Westgaard

Adress: Bjørnebyveien 26, 7025 Trondheim

Tel: +47 72563078 (private), +47 73596972 (job) 9712019 (mobile)

Date/Place of birth: 7. November 1967 Sarpsborg, Norway

Family: Married, two children






1986-1989: Bachelor Civil Engineering - Østfold University College

1989-1991: Master Industrial Economics - NTH

1992-1993: Master Finance - NHH

2002-2005: Phd – NTNU (4 essays on credit risk modelling)


Professional work experience:


1986-1991: Road construction – Statens vegvesen Part time work.

1991-1992: Operational Research / Material Planning – Royal Norwegian Airforce.

1994-1997: Portfolio Manager Bonds and FX markets - Gjensidige Investment Management.

1997-1998: Risk analyst and project manager - SAS Institute.

1998-2002: Credit Analyst – Fokus Bank.

2002-: Associate Professor Department of Industrial Economics NTNU and Adjunct

Associate Professor Trondheim Business School

2013 Professor Department of Industrial Economics NTNU and Adjunct

Associate Professor Norwegian Center of Commodity Market Analysis




·         Corporate Finance

·         Financial Derivatives and Real Options

·         Empirical and Quantitative Methods in Finance

·         Financial Risk Management (Advanced master/Phd level course)

·         Energy Risk Management (Executive course with Montel)

·         Empirical Analysis of Financial and Commodity Markets (given at the Norwegian Center of Commodity Market Analysis)

·         Supervision all areas of finance




·         Main professional area: Empirical analysis of Commodity Markets

·         Supervision of 6 Phd students that has graduated

·         Supervision of 3 ongoing Phd students


·         Guest editor/reviewer


1.       Journal of Banking and Finance

2.       Journal of Investing

3.       Energy

4.       Journal of Energy Markets

5.       Energy Economics

6.       Energy Journal

7.       Energy Policy

8.       Praktisk Økonomi og Finans

9.       Beta – Scandinavian Journal of Business Research


·         Project manager for the following research projects:


1.       ELDEV 2008-2011 (Trønder Energi, Statkraft, Adolf Øien’s fond). Total budget 9.5 Mill.

2.       ELCARBONRISK 2010-2014 (Eidsiva Energi, Tafjord Kraft, NFR). Total budget 13.5 Mill





2015  (forthcoming)


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2009: No published papers.




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