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  Friday afternoon parallell sessions:  
Emmision markets (room Plenum 2) chair: Rüdiger Kiesel
The Market Microstructure of the European Climate Exchange
  presenter: Yoichi Otsubo discussant: Luca Taschini
  Flexibility Premium in Marketable Permits  
  presenter: Luca Taschini discussant: Yoichi Otsubo
  Optimal Number of Certificates to be Issued on Emission Markets  
  presenter: Falbo Paolo no discussant
Comovement in energy markets (room Leangen gård) chair: Stefan Trueck
  The Systemic Risk of Energy Markets  
  presenter: Diane Pierret discussant: Helena Veiga
  Asymmetric long–run effects in the oil industry  
  presenter: Helena Veiga discussant: Elisabetta Pellini
  Convergence across European electricity wholesale spot markets: still a way to go  
  presenter: Elisabetta Pellini discussant: Diane Pierret
  Risk-adjusted Stock Returns and Accounting Based Performance Measures – Evidence from US listed Electric Utilities 2001-2010  
presenter: Terje Berg no discussant
Natural gas (room Munkholmen) chair: Bruce Bullock
  Dealing with European gas storage contracts: trading strategies unraveled  
  presenter: Christian Huurman discussant: Jan Müller
  Modeling the spot price of natural gas with the oil price as an exogenous factor  
  presenter: Jan Müller discussant: Christian Huurman
  A rolling horizon heuristic for optimal trading in the LNG spot market  
  presenter: Ruud Egging no discussant